Feeling Nappy

Do you ever reset your computer or your phone when its glitching out? Switching it on and off allows for conflicting software systems that are using too much energy to be easily resolved.

To me, having an afternoon nap is pretty much the same thing… Research has shown that a well timed nap makes our brains work more efficiently and this is definitely the case for me…

November is the start of our rainy season here in Bali, thus it’s a transitional month. The weather is fickle and changes come often and unexpected. Even with frequent torrential downpours one thing’s for sure, as the heat wave continues to hit, so does my need for a nap. A quick kip or a long snooze, it doesn’t really matter because every once in a while, a nap is all that will do.

It’s unfortunate that it took me this long to get on board, but it didn’t take me very long to settle into this healthy habit.

Over the years, especially after I moved to this tropical oasis of Bali, I noticed that I would become increasingly unproductive as the day wore on. Having been self-employed and working from home for the past 8 years, I tend to work around the clock. I enjoy my work so much that there is hardly any distinct line between my personal time and my working time. Naturally, the temptation is to just continue creating and being productive to the point that I ignore any need for downtime.

Some days I am desperately in need of a time-out and as we all know, naps get a bad rap. I have had to overcome this feeling that I was being idle and slacking off.

As a habitual nap-taker I am here to testify to the fact that napping has perks all of its own and contrary to what I thought before, it helps me get twice as much done each day. It also helps me with sorting, clipping, deleting and saving information. Making space for new memories and compressing other information to be accessed when needed. Also taking time for yourself without feeling the pressure of worldly duties reaffirms our freedom and gives us peace…

Here are some ways to maximize on your napping experience:

– Be consistent. I suggested a small scheduled nap, after noon…
– Keep it short. There is always a risk that daytime naps lead to night time insomnia…
– Allow yourself to enjoy it but remember, tactical sleeping rather than recreational sleeping is key
– The key to enjoying your nap is to feel that it’s well earned. Having finished my morning tasks and this blog post, I will now go and take a nap…

I would love to hear all about your naps or non-naps so please comment below and share your experiences

One thought on “Feeling Nappy

  1. ZOE says:

    Tu as raison, la sieste est bénéfique, je suis sur la même latitude que toi… aux Antilles, où la température est constante de 30°, alors après le déjeuner, la sieste est bienvenue ! cela permet de faire le calme dans le cerveau.. et quand on se réveille les idées arrivent comme par enchantement, ou bien l’organisation du reste de la journée, les projets.. etc
    Bonne continuation MANAKA, je te suis depuis Etsy.. (mon site chez eux ZOEARTMADI) Kisses

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