Identifiable and unquestionable form of Manakees…

The joy of choosing materials gives inspiration & creative direction as well as a narrative to my collections. I am excited to share with you, the rebirth of the new collection of Manakee Earrings.

In my commitment to using natural materials, Manakees are printed from a very unique, biodegradable and bioactive material derived from Cassava Roots and Corn Starch. Bamboo fibres are then added to the material to create the particular Bamboo Filament used.

The handcrafted finish includes polishing and painting the Manakees, then adding the majestic & timeless sparkle of Sterling Silver. The final step is binding Hemp Thread, which keeps them true to their far origins, refined into quality aesthetics.

The process of creating a three-dimensional, physical object from a digital file has been an interesting and exciting departure from the traditional. Most of the current demand for 3D printing is industrial in nature so it has been a fascinating journey to create sophisticated, elegant design from these materials that are durable and natural.

Their story is kept within them, of all the techniques which were necessary to build up the form’s quality, in particular their own, identifiable and unquestionable form as the original Manakees by Manaka

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