Mixing Reality – Manaka’s Favourite Picks

I have sifted through a lot of amazing items to bring you this combination of handmade, sustainable, off beat pieces to combine with the Weaving Reality Hooded Jacket. With hints of simplicity and earthiness mixed with nut-brown tones, this combination is refreshing and effortless, enhanced by the bold colour palette of the Manaka Hooded Jacket. Each of my picks represent a part of my own personal style expression as well as being trendy but timeless.
Ignorance is out and awareness is in! Together we can make a difference in world by being mindful of our spending patterns and thinking consciously about what we buy, taking into account the after-effects on the environment and the people that help make the products. We need to be more conscious and start researching the different purposes and philosophy of the brands we purchase from so we can make the right choices.
Handmade Batik Jacket:. www.manakacollection.com
Vegan sneakers: @firefeathercb
Sadhana Pants: @tantrastore_ 
Cork back pack: www.monoqi.com
Galang Tea Wooden Sunglasses: www.wuud-accessories.com
What are you favourite handmade brands? If you have any recommendations on other brands I can feature in my next picks, comment below as I would love to explore them! I would also love to see how you style your Manaka pieces so feel free to share your images with me.


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